Welcome Your New Neighbors To A Backyard Barbecue

If you would like to welcome the family who moved next door to you and provide them and your other neighbors with food and festivities, the following tips can be used while planning a backyard barbecue.

Ask Everyone To Bring A Covered Dish 

When preparing invitations for the gathering, add details about the event and ask that each person bring a covered dish to add to the spread of food. If you plan on grilling several meats and some vegetables, specify that you will be in need of desserts, salads, appetizers, and beverages.

Set up a canopy in one corner of your property and hang colorful paper lanterns from the fabric to increase visibility if the party will be held when it is dark outside. Arrange the food items across a long table and stack cups and dinnerware next to the food so that guests can help themselves to the dishes that appeal to them. 

Hire A Disc Jockey And Create An Outdoor Dance Arena

Hire a local disc jockey to play a variety of music during the social gathering. Create a playlist for the DJ to refer to, including musical selections that are currently popular and older classics that have been listened to for many years. A wide range of music will increase the odds that your new neighbors will hear some tunes that they like and that will help them feel at ease. 

Clear a portion of your property for the DJ to set their equipment on. Provide extension cords for the DJ to use and show them where outdoor electrical outlets are that they can use during the party. Rope off a section of your yard that is close to the DJ's station and designate it as a dance arena. To provide the area with a festive appearance, adorn the rope with ornaments or strands of lights. Strobe lights can be placed outside of the dance section to provide it with the appearance of a real dance floor.

Contact a business like MBeatable Entertainment for more information.

Offer A Variety Of Team Games 

Designate one area of your yard to be used to play team sports. Consider a spot that is close enough to the DJ so that people who opt to play games will be able to listen to the music being played at the same time. A volleyball net, horse shoe pit, and croquet set can be set up in the spot chosen and will provide guests with plenty of variety. Allow your new neighbors to be team captains for the games that they select so that they feel as if they are part of the group as they get to know several members of your community.

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If you would like to welcome the family who moved next door to you and provide them and your other neighbors with food and festivities, the following

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