How To Find The Best Tattoo Studio For Your First Tattoo

When you decide to get your first tattoo, there is more to consider than just the design that will be on your body. You also have to decide where you want to have it placed and what studio you should approach to have it done. Finding the best tattoo studio can take a bit of research and some pounding the pavement. There are some things to look for to find the best tattoo studio in your area.

Look For an Older Studio

In many neighborhoods, you will find multiple tattoo studios, and while many of them might have very talented artists, it's best to look for the studio that has been there the longest. There is usually a reason they have been successful, with loyal customers and talented artists. Check out their designs and the artists they employ and see if they are a good fit for your personality and what you are looking for in your design. You can also ask for references from friends or family or look online at their website or social media presence for testimonials and what people are saying about them.

Cleanliness and Safety

When you visit any shop, take a look around and see how clean the shop is. The owner shouldn't have a problem showing you around and explaining how their equipment is sterilized, or if they use disposable needles. This means they are only using the needles once and then open a new one for each customer they serve. It's OK to ask questions and even check online to see if anyone has said anything about the studio's cleanliness.

The studio should also be concerned with your anxieties and fears at getting your first tattoo. This means showing you the machines they use, answering all questions and letting you see their license if it isn't prominently displayed on their wall.

Professional Staff

No one wants to have their first tattoo done in a studio with less-than-professional service, so when you are visiting shops, take note of how professional and friendly their staff is. You should feel comfortable and welcome when entering a studio, and you should feel comfortable with the artist you have chosen to do your tattoo. The artist should work with you to help design the piece you want or even make suggestions if you aren't sure exactly what you would want. They shouldn't force you into a design you aren't completely sold on, and if they try, then move on to another artist or studio.

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